castillo laserna joven

Grape variety: Tempranillo
Ideal temperature: 16 - 18º C
Alcohol: 14,5%

A wine with limited production, it is a response to the demands of markets for modern-style wines.

Winemaking process: Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 28º C. Average macerations of 15 days.

Cask-ageing: Aged in new American- (40%) and French-oak (60%) casks where it will spend 14 months, with racking every 4 months. After bottling it will mellow in the cellar for a further six months.

Tasting stages: This wine has a lot of tannin, but with very soft, mature tannins, balanced perfectly by its enormous smoothness.
This is all combined with an aromatic complexity to make a very special wine. You can find the classic characteristics of great wines (good extract, big concentration of balsamic and mineral tones, aromas of ripe fruit and violets…)

Food pairing tips: Mediterranean cuisine, fried dishes, grilled vegetables, pulses, paella and rice dishes, pasta, ham and charcuterie, patés, roast meat and casseroles, mild and semi-hard cheeses.