castillo laserna joven

Grape variety: Viura 100%
Ideal temperature: 12 - 14º C
Alcohol: 14%

Winemaking process:To achieve this wine it was necessary to carefully cultivate old south-facing vines, and on vines bearing a maximum of three clusters. The grapes were picked early in the morning so that they enter the cellar at the ideal temperature.
Only free-run juice, obtained by decanting the must, is used and the wine is fined naturally by cooling. Fermentation takes place in French-oak casks and the controlled temperature facilitates the extraction and preservation of the primary aromas (fruit and flowers) which are typical of the variety.
in order to enjoy its full fresh taste it is best to drink it at 10-13ºC.

Tasting stages: This wine is clear and bright, with a predominance of a pale straw-yellow colour.
On the nose the range of aromas is intense and expressive with hints of flowers and apple peel.
Good mouth-feel and intensity with slight toasted nuances coming through the ripe fruit and good grapefruit-like acidity.

Food pairing tips: This is a highly suitable wine for accompanying dishes such as hors d’oeuvres, fish and seafood, poultry and mild cheeses.